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Who we are

TexFleet is a 23 year old transportation management, consulting and leasing firm that acquires, manages and disposes of Vehicle Fleets, Heavy Equipment and Specialty Equipment for businesses and projects of all sizes.

What we do

  • Consult with Client Company; determine transportation and equipment needs for their business and design and implement a custom solution.
  • Consult with Project Management to determine equipment needs and form an acquisition, management and disposition strategy.  Also work to develop and manage a rental pool of equipment needed by the contractor and its subcontractors to fulfill its project goals.
  • Consult with clients to create financing strategies that take into account cash flow unique to the client or project in determining repayment schedules.  Arrange/Provide Financing.
  • Assist clients in identifying and managing risks associated with vehicle and equipment operation.

Certifications and Approved Commercial Codes

  • DBE, MBE, WBE, SBE and NMSDC Certified “Regular Dealer” as defined in 49 CFR Transportation Subtitle A Part 26
  • 97566 – Road and Highway Equipment Rental or Lease
  • 94654 – Installment Purchase/Lease Purchase and Lease with Option to Purchase Financing
  • 97514 – Automobiles and Other Passenger Vehicles
  • 97586 – Trucks and Vans Rental or Lease

Recent Completed Projects

  • SH-130 – Lone Star Infrastructures (Fluor/Balfour Beatty/T.J. Lambrecht) – Acquired, Financed, Managed and Disposed of truck fleet.
  • I-15 Core Project – Provo River Constructors (Fluor led) – Acquired, Financed, Managed and Disposed of large truck fleet.
  • Austin Water Utilities Project S-101 – Austin Hill Country Constructors (Manson/Obayashi) – Acquired, managed and provided multi-million dollar Flexifloat platform for water borne Crane Operations, multiple 300 Ton Cranes, a 250 ton Crane and a small truck fleet.

For more information contact: Sandra R. Thompson, Ph.D. at: